Traveller Pride 2024

Group photo at the 2024 Traveller Pride event, including several members of LTAG alongside actor Michael Collins.

LTAG’s annual Traveller Pride event for 2024 took place on Tuesday 28th May. In the Dunamaise Theater in Portlaoise, actor and playwright Michael Collins performed his play “Magpies on the Pylon”. We had a large audience from both the Traveller and settled community. Thank you so much to everyone who attended — your interest means a lot to us.

Also, we would like to extend our thanks to the Traveller Pride Committee for funding this event. Hopefully, the success of the 2024 Traveller Pride week will be a good omen for future years. And hopefully, we’ll see many of our attendees again in future events, too.

Magpies on the Pylon

We posted about the event here in the past. Visit this page to see more details about the event itself. You’ll find a synopsis of the play, about a Traveller man who deals with the loss of his son to suicide. Afterwards, there is also an overview of what we did to raise awareness of the subject of suicide within the Traveller community.

Facebook link

You can find more information about our other events on Facebook. We post updates and photos here regularly, about all kinds of events, so check in!

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